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americas travel guide books

The Americas – Mountain & Travel Literature

The Americas- Travel   & Guide Books, Geography, Flora & Fauna, History

The following books are some of many we would recommend for reading before coming to the Alps. Some are what we would call ‘background’ reading, some are specific to the trip you will be doing, and all are excellent preparation and fun to read, counting the days before your holiday begins…

Trekking in the Patagonian Andes
Author: Carolyn Mccarthy, Publisher: Lonely Planet
Although published quite a long time ago, most of the trek descriptions are still accurate, and the photos are fantastic, given you a good idea about trekking in Patagonia.
Obviously, descriptions of towns etc. are out of date, and not very complete. Other, more general travel oriented guide books are recommended to accompany the Patagonian trekking guide.
Author: Wayne Bernhardson, Publisher: Moon
“…From visiting Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city known as “the uttermost part of the earth,” and taking the scenic ferry route from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales to hiking on Argentina’s Moreno Glacier, Moon Handbooks Patagonia is the guide to the best the country has to offer, both on and off the beaten path…”
(Editorial Review)
Time Out: Patagonia
Author & Publisher: Time Out
This book is a perfect ‘companion guide’ when travelling in Patagonia.
Detailed description of bustling tourist centres, and off the beaten path little villages. It describes everything Patagonia has to offer, but does not go into detail when it comes to accommodation and restaurant choices.
The Canadian Hikers & Backpackers Handbook
Author: Ben Gadd, Publisher: Whitecap Books
The Canadian Hiker’s and Backpacker’s Handbook explains every aspect of taking a hiking or backpacking trip in the Canadian backcountry. From choosing the best footwear to plotting the best route to preparing for emergencies, Ben Gadd provides expert guidance for enjoying Canada’s stunning scenery while being responsibly prepared. The book has valuable information on:
What to wear in all landscapes, what to brig, how to get fit, techniques for comfortable walking, safety guidelines, first aid, and special tips for hiking with kids and dogs. Once trekkers are prepared for the trails, Gadd provides vital information for the conditions that might be encountered. There is also a unique cross-section of trails coast to coast, from Newfoundland to British Columbia and the northern Yukon.
Don’t Waster your Time in the Canadian Rockies: An opiniated Hiking Guide
Author: Kathy Copeland, Publisher: Wilderness Press
This is clearly a hiking guide book designed for busy people. If your opportunity to experience the hikes and backpacks of the Canadian Rockies is limited, Craig and Kathy Copeland’s premise is one you will appreciate. It is possible to waste one’s time in the Canadian Rockies by choosing trails which are only second rate when compared with their premier counterparts. The Copeland’s take a bold approach to trail ranking, leaving no doubt which trails are duds and which are on the must-do list. In so doing they set their book apart from hiking guides which take pains to couch their preferences in polite language which require several readings in order to decipher which hikes are really top notch rewards for efforts invested. Not only the premise but the language of the book is fresh. Soul lifting metaphors and memorable phrases abound. Peaks are as high as a Roy Orbison falsetto, lakes as blue as a Billy Holiday tune.
Popular Day Hikes 2
Author: Tony Daffern Publisher: Rocky Mountain Books
Popular Day Hikes is a series of guidebooks written for visitors and locals alike who want to hike scenic trails from well-established trailheads. These factual, attractive guides feature detailed yet easy to read maps and colour photographs to whet a hiker’s appetite.

Popular Day Hikes 2: Canadian Rockies covers 37 popular, accessible trails in one of the world’s most stunningly beautiful natural environments. Covering easy short-day walks, more strenuous full-day hikes and the occasional easy scramble, this companion volume to Popular Day Hikes 1: Kananaskis Country, by Gillean Daffern, contains something for everyone – individuals, groups and families.

Off-Trail Adventures in Baja California
Author: Markes E. Johnson, Publisher: University of Arizona Press
Off-Trail Adventures in Baja California describes””and maps and illustrates””nine hikes along outcrops on islands and peninsular shores where geography, geology, and ecology meet in singular ways. Each spot tells a story about the nature of the place””the cumulative effects of millions of years of natural forces at work. During the course of his long teaching career, Markes E. Johnson has hiked much of Baja California, often with students in tow. This hiking guide offers a wealth of stories that seem to encompass everything, and can clearly communicate Johnson’s deep understanding of how our planet’s ecosystems function. Whether you like to hike with your boots on or from the comfort of your favorite chair, this book is a must-have for anyone who has visited or hopes to visit Baja California’s Gulf Coast.
Discovering the Geology of Baja California: Six Day-Hikes
Author: Markes E. Johnson, Publisher: University of Arizona Press
Johnson’s guide takes the form of six day-long hikes in the area of Punta Chivato on the east coast of the southern Baja California peninsula. Punta Chivato is presented as a microcosm of the entire region; it can enable visitors to better understand major themes in the natural history of the Gulf of California and its geological past. All of the hikes begin at the southeast corner of the Punta Chivato promontory and loop out in different directions. Each circuit is designed to minimize overlap with adjacent hikes and to maximize the visitor’s exposure to instructive variations in the landscape. Each chapter features additional reflections on a geologist of another time and place who has advanced the field in a way that elucidates the material covered in that chapter.
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