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frappe in crete

Another cafe frappe, please!

My beverage of choice when guiding our hiking trips along the southwestern coast on the island of Crete is the cafe frappe, metrio or medium with a bit of milk (gala) and sugar. Made with real Nescafe and sweetened  and condensed milk, the frappe is one drink that most Cretans will drink during the dog days of summer when temperatures hover in the high 30s Celsius at times.

Unlike North America, where coffee is taken in buckets and sipped whilst driving and texting, coffee in Europe is a social beverage, where friends take time out of their busy day to catch up and relax – or hikers stop for a well-deserved break, for that matter.

The drink is basically an iced coffee with milk and sugar depending on preferences. Add ice cubes and you have a really nice caffeinated summer drink.

The quality varies from one cafe to another but food and drink are sacred on the island so you tend to get your money’s worth.
The short video below from Youtube is a great way to get started making your own delicious frappes. Yamas! Cheers!


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