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bodnath temple kathmandu, guided treks in Nepal


Namaste! Hiking in Nepal, you will hear the familiar greeting almost everywhere you trek. A small, landlocked nation nestled in the great Himalayan mountain range, Nepal is known for Mt Everest, the Sherpa climbing guides and a rich and multi-ethnic culture of roughly 27 million people. Nepal is diverse in many ways. Geographically, it borders the Gangetic plain to the south where tigers and rhinoceros roam, to further north where jungle and fertile rice paddies abound and finally  higher to the mountains themselves where snow, glaciers and jagged peaks make up the scenery.

Kathmandu, its capital, is a busy city with over a million inhabitants. The tourist centre, Thamel, is a vibrant affair with stalls selling carpets from Kashmir, collectables from Tibet and about everything in between. Religion is omnipresent and Hindu bells and Buddhist trumpets seems to resonate from every corner. The smell of incense hangs heavy in the air and wafts of food from street vendors add to the kaleidoscope of colours, scents and images that really have a lasting impression on those who make the journey. Hard hit by the 2015 earthquake, Nepalis has shown tremendous resilience and have rebuilt many of the damaged structures though remote areas have seen little progress. Visits to the ancient cities of Bhaktapur and Patan are a must as temples and historical buildings are numerous. Local handicrafts and food markets are also part of the experience. 

A trip to Nepal is more than just a trek to high altitude. By far, the one common comment our guests make about Nepal is how friendly and welcoming the people are. Nepal is safe and there is very little crime towards tourists. Its significant Hindu majority celebrates its religion every chance it gets and no trip to Nepal would be complete without a visit to Pashupatinath Temple devoted to Shiva, the protector of the city. Buddha was born in Nepal, and the Tibetan influence is pervasive and both religions are intertwined and seem seem to cohabitate peacefully. If you are lucky enough to be in Nepal during one of the many religious festivals, you will certainly not be disappointed.

Our trekking journeys combine classic treks such as the Annapurna Circuit and once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Everest base camp with cultural aspects, visiting the chilled out lake town of Pokhara. We also offer custom and family destinations for any budget and fitness level. 

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