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gentians in the swiss alps


What makes us hike & explore at Alpine Interface?

We truly believe that we live in a global village, and that only through travel will the world become a more harmonious place to live. And, we actually really enjoy walking and venturing into new places.

Travel is what drives all of our guides, and especially travel in the mountainous regions of the world. Our guides are skiers, climbers and hikers. But above all, they have chosen a profession, which will allow them to be passionate about what they do. Guiding is not a job, it is a lifestyle. No pensions, no 401-K, just amazing memories!

As our company has expanded, so too have the number of destinations. From a purely alpine company, we have grown into a global provider of journeys, but with the same basic idea, that coming into contact with different cultures will make a positive impact on all involved, provided that we tread with care.

Ignorance is the single most important threat to our planet. Ignorance of others, ignorance of environmentally sound practices, and ignorance of how we impact people and cultures through our actions, or inaction.Tourism has become for many countries a lucrative business. And at times, the quest for profit eclipses the need to manage what we have, in order to pass it on to future generations.For tour operators, managing resources is not our role, but trying to have the most beneficial impact on communities and environment is our responsibility.Alpine Interface tries to make a difference, not only to benefit from all the beautiful countries and cultures we visit, but actively try to give something back to them.

The following is a list of foundations we support and, if possible, would like our guests or potential guests to consider. Please have a look at their websites.

Sherpa Education Fund
The Sherpa Education Found was created by Alpine Ascents. The Sherpa Education Fund provides scholarships for Nepalese children at a private school that integrates education with a respect for the preservation of Sherpa culture. To help give these children greater opportunities, the Foundation raises money for Sherpa children who are from remote areas of Nepal, where access to education is extremely limited. Alpine Interface is sponsoring a Sherpa child to be able to get a comprehensive education. We are proud to be a child sponsor.

Porter’s Progress
Porters’ Progress was formed to save the lives of Nepali mountain porters and their families. They run programs that focus upon keeping porters alive while on the trail and nourished at home. Some of the aspects Porter’s Progress is focusing on:

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