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Once you arrive in Europe for a hiking adventure vacation, you will want to make the most of your trip and spend the least amount of time searching for travel connections and dining locations. The secret to a relaxed, rewarding adventure is knowing the best resources to keep you on the move. 

Many of our guests who come to the Alps for an Alpine Interface trip either arrive a few days prior to the trip, or extend their stay after the hike. And often, we get the same questions regarding where to eat, where to buy trekking shoes and rucksacks, what else there is to do in town, etc.

Below are links and information – a quick summary of favourite hotels, restaurants, sport shops, and, most importantly, how to get to your meeting point for our hiking trips.  

The following list is a quick summary of our favorite hotels, restaurants, sport shops, and Internet portals that will help you make your time in the Alps as enjoyable as possible. We will update this page regularly, and welcome any comments or information you might have regarding our links.

Zermatt is the departure point for the following trips we offer:
Haute Route Classic
Haute Route – Huts & Inns
Essential Alps

How to get there?

Zermatt promotes itself as being a car-free town, which is not 100% accurate. Vehicles with combustion engines are not allowed within town limits, and personal vehicles will need to be parked in Täsch, a little village below Zermatt, which has an enormous parking area for that purpose. Everybody will need to travel into Zermatt from there by train – or by electric taxi.

The train from Täsch to Zermatt leaves every 20 minutes, and takes about 12 minutes.
Train Schedule& Parking Fee
Most hotels and other businesses in Zermatt have electric vehicles, with which hotels pickup guests and luggage from the train station. There are also electric taxis and buses.

The nearest airport is Sion, a little national airport. The closes international airports would be Zurich (ZRH) , or Geneva (GVA). 
From Zurich it takes about 3.5 hours to Zermatt by train, from Geneva Airport (GVA) it takes close to 4 hours.
The easiest way to get to Zermatt from any of the airports is via the excellent train/bus system.
For prices and schedules,  click here.

Otherwise there are several companies offering airport transfer services, although more expensive. For 1-3 people, prices start at around CAD$670 (US$ 520) .
Zermatt Taxi Companies

Transportation within the Valais:
All of Switzerland is perfectly connected via train and bus.
The buses are run by the post, and will even bring you to the smallest hamlets.
SBB – check out their site for travel passes, schedules, and much more.

No-Frills Airlines to Geneva:
Here are several airlines that offer cheap flights to Geneva from many bigger European destinations:
Easyjet  “”UK airline, cheap flights from London, Paris, Nice, Amsterdam to Geneva and more.
Swiss International Air Lines  “”Cheap flights from Zurich, Paris, and other cities.

For trains from Switzerland, to the Chamonix Valley:
Swiss Rail

Zermatt is a fairly compact little town, where walking is the best option to get around. Zermatt does not allow any vehicles with combustion engines into its town limits, with some taxis being the exception. 
That said, Zermatt is not free of vehicles, (although they promote their town as car-free), as every hotel and other businesses have electric vehicles to get around. 
Guests will arrive in Zermatt by train, either leaving their vehicle parked in Täsch below Zermatt, or coming directly by train from the airport or any other destination.

The best website for any kind of train or bus travel in Switzerland is . No matter if you’re travelling within Switzerland, or coming from outside the country.

Hotels will pick up their guests at the train station and will bring them back after their stay.
There is the option of taking an e-taxi, or an e-bus if needed and for people who difficulties walking. And there is also the option of renting a bike.
More Info & Details

The restaurant scene in Zermatt is changing quite a bit.

A newer restaurant we really enjoy is an Italian Restaurant called Gusto Matto.
It has a nice terrace within the pedestrian area that allows to watch life go by.

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